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Maxi skip hire is the best way to manage industrial waste and bulky garbage in Derby. If you are concerned about bulky items while dealing with commercial projects or even planning the renovation of your home, then you are probably at the right place to go. Skip Hire Derby company provides large varieties of skips and easily reachable hiring services around you. We offer our customers low prices over skips and have a concern about their convenience. We are the best reasonable skip hiring service provider in Derby to rely upon.


Skip Hire Derby provides a wide range of maxi skip to its valued customers. The dimensions of maxi skips start from 10-yard leading to 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard and the largest 18-yard skips to hire. Usually, maxi skips are useful for commercial waste loads or other bulky items. Our skips’ designed with ample vast space suitable to carry all sorts of bulky things; solving companies and the local community’s problems. Then don’t be confused to search and select a reliable, cheap and convenient skip service provider because you are already there to get the best services in Derby. 

We offer pre and same day booking services for maxi skips, for your convenience. Your selected skip will be at your doorstep on the planned time slot without any delay or any additional cost. You have to choose what size will be suitable to carry away the waste and then select a skip to hire accordingly.


Skip Hire Derby provides the smallest variety of maxi skip size up to 10-yard near you. You can hire the best 10-yard skip in Derby from our company compared to other service providers. 

These are good-sized skips for disposing of a hefty amount of waste from construction sites and household rubbish items. 

Dimensions of a commonly used 10-yard skip are about 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 5 feet high. They can carry approximately 100-110 black bin bags and hold materials like rubber, plastic, wood or furniture etc. 

Moreover, a 10-yard maxi skip can play a vital role in providing a neat and clean environment at your workplace or where you’ve hired this skip.

10 Yard Skip Derby


We are providing a reasonable cost of 10-yard Maxi skips for utilization. While considering other competitive companies in Derby, our company is proposing low prices with super services at hand. The cost of a 10-yard skip starts from £258 – £363. You can get to know a whole pricing package by demanding for quotes. Moreover, these mentioned prices are on average, your location and time of hiring can also impact these prices. If you order the skip instantly, you will get a £20 discount straightaway. Details regarding arrival and other necessary conversation are possible on calls with our friendly service providers.


We provide 12-yard skip size, suitable for carrying bulky loads of waste material from construction or industrial sites. We are providing the best solution to get maxi skip Derby of 12-yard, having the capacity of about 9.17 cubic meters. These skips of 12-yard with 13 feet length, 6 feet width and 6 feet high can contain up to 120-130 black bags in them. 

These are the fourth-largest sizes of maxi skip to carry heavy  garbage materials from industrial and construction sites. If you are looking for a reliable and dependable service provider for hiring a 12-yard skip in Derby, then here you will get better services. Our skip has extensive dimensions and high walls to keep the garbage in high quantity and take them to landfills safely.

12 Yard Skip Derby


Derby Skip Hire Company provides the best affordable price package for 12-yard skip than the other companies in your locality. We are the best choice among skip hire service providers proposing low rates to hire a 12-yard skip. Considering our customer’s trust in us and their convenience, we provide the best services with skips’ minimum prices. Prices usually start ranging from £277 – £367, and you can be able to get information on expenditures by demanding a quote from the company. However, these prices will have a dip down for more £20 on an instant order, and your location & hiring period can also minimize the prices.


Skip Hire Derby is providing a wide range of maxi skip sizes in Derby. Our company is one of the best service providers to take the local communities rubbish removal worries and make them feel free of this hectic. 

We are providing 14-yard skip to lift heavy items after your garden repair and have excessive space to scrap out garbage from large units. 

The 14-yard can hold up to 140-150 black bin bags. With a length of about 13.5 feet, the height of 5 feet and a width of about 6 feet.

 The dimensions show that it has ample space to clear your garbage in one go.


14 Yard Skip Derby


We offer accredited and affordable prices over 14-yard skips in Derby. We are giving low prices facilities to hire a skip of 14-yard when you plan for your house’s renovation or when you want to get rid of the big stuff from your construction site or industrial workplace. Prices standardized from £303 – £450 for 14-yard maxi skips at Derby skip hire company. But the prices are also dependent on some factors and may vary based on permit and location etc. For viewing accurate prices, you have to ask for a quote. We also offer discounts on all skip sizes for a limited time offer. So, it is the best time to avail of this opportunity.


Maxi skip hire services have a wide range in sizes which also include 16-yard skip size. These skip yards are the best for carrying bulky amount of wastes such as from busy commercial sites and houses clearances as well as light-weighted construction loads such as metal or plastics etc. 

We are providing best 16-yard skips with the capacity of about 4.3 meter Length, 1.75 meter Width and having a height of about 2 meter.  These 16-yard skips can hold up to 180 black bin bags. 

It is second-largest skip dimension in maxi skip family which is a frequent choice of industries and large construction sites.

16 Yard Skip Derby


Skip Hire Derby offers a 16-yard skip at cost-effective prices ranging from £316 – £525. Our company is giving a solution to problems like low-budgeted customers. In a competitive race with other skip hire companies, we are determined to focus people’s needs while facilitating them with low budget hiring packages at the same time. 16-yard skips in Derby are having vast space and can contain much load of construction sites, industrial wastes, home furniture, and other many other garbage items. So, compare the prices with the rest of skip hire companies in Derby, you’ll find our packages more affordable than the others.


18-yard maxi skip is the largest among the all maxi skip sizes, available at Derby Skip Hire services. Dimensions of 18-yard maxi skip are enough to carry loads of significant projects and bulky loads of sites. 

They are about 13 feet long, 6.5 feet wide as well as 7 feet high. They have much capacity to load up and are incredibly beneficial. 

We are among well-ranked companies of Derby, offer reliable and well condition 18-yard bins. They can hold more than 200 black bin bags which is quite huge amount rubbish material. 

Our industrial level customers always prefer to hire this skip size as they produce tonnes of rubbish fortnightly.



An 18-yard maxi skips with its vast space available at £1045 on average, in Derby. We are providing you maxi skips with those much wider spaces within considerable expenses. Most companies take too much money for 18-yard skips, but we cost a minimal amount compared to them. So you will be able to get quick access for our skip services. The 18-yard skip is the solution for bulky loads to get rid of them efficiently without paying higher prices. So, what stops you from hiring your 18-yard skip and feeling free from waste management worries at the most affordable prices.



Builder skips range from 6-yard to 8-yard skip with the vast capacity to carry away heavy wastes, while Maxi skips range from 10-yard to 18-yard skip to lift more considerable amount of rubbish than the builder skips. Builder skip hires are suitable for garbage at small unit places such as house construction waste, walls or kitchen renovation of the house, other local areas like shops etc. But if you are concerned to get rid of excessive wastes of commercial or industrial sites, and construction disposal, then maxi skip hire will be the best option for you to choose. Builder skips especially designed for builders to keep their construction sites clear. On the other hand, maxi skips are more extensive, and their prices are more affordable.


Maxi skips range from 10-yards skip to 18-yards skip having vast space to carry load or disposal from large units like commercial areas, industries, and construction sites. They are highly reliable skips to manage bulky waste. On the other hand, Midi Skips are small in size among a wide variety of skips. Midi skips hire ranges from the 4-yard skip to 5-yard skip, suitable for carrying lightweight waste from local sites such as household furniture, destroyed equipment, and renovation wastes. The maxi skips are frequent hire dimensions for maximum waste removal. The midi skips available at low-pricing, but the maxi skips will cost you at high rates.



The skips’ large size makes hiring them much better because different sizes mean skipping is suitable for all types of jobs. Say, if you are interested in building an earth oven in your yard or any other tiny project, then a small jump will be the size of your choice. However, if you expect the amount of waste to be much higher, the maximum 8-yard builder skipper is suitable.


Maxi skip hire is the right approach to the domestic, commercial and industrial waste disposal. Builder skip is a well-founded way to manage the household and commercial trash effectively. Therefore, if you work in a large area for cleaning or construction, you can choose complete waste management solutions.


The maxi skips are the resolutions to your domestic and commercial waste obstacles. The skips can entertain waste in bulk quantity, allowing you to safely and healthily dispose of your trash. The skips are entirely responsible for paying their rule to maintain environmental health and safety.


Maxi skips are available at very reasonable rates, making them cost-effective and pocket friendly. Our company offers maxi skips at even more discounted rates. Inexpensive and cheap rates make builders skip hire, the perfect choice for building and construction site cleaning.


Maxi skips are easily loaded and dispose of waste very quickly, ensuring the waste should be disposed of as per its domain in a proper manner. Even builder skips due to their compact design are very easy to place and effectively dump waste.