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Skip Hire Derby presents advanced skip hire services with comprehensive waste collection and management services. For many years, we have been in the local market, serving the domestic and industrial customers at their satisfaction levels. We take pride by offering our top services with the lowest charges, and our costs are unbeatable in the Derby region.


Skip Hire Derby has gained the customers’ trust based in the derby by offering the top-class services at a very economical pace. Why get our services? Because we are always on time! Our same-day-service is best for quick deliveries of the skips. We are sponsoring the £20 discount on each skip hire.


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We have an extensive series of dedicated vehicles with professional drivers who can transport your skip always on time.


Our same-day-delivery service is available in Derby, and you can get your skip at your site on the same day you make an order for a skip!

Derby Skip Hire Near Me is generating a different arrangement of skips. The variety of skips starting from Mini and Midi Skips in the middle containing the Builder Skips at the end is putting the Maxi and Roro Skips.


Mini Skips at skip hire Derby are the tiniest skips we have at Skip Hire derby. The Mini skips are the best choice for domestic customers. These skips are regularly used for house waste, garden waste or bathroom cleanups, and small DIY projects. 

The skips can be placed anywhere at home, office or garden. The Mini Skips are available in two dimensions a 2 yard and 3 yard Mini Skips. A 2 yard Mini skip can host the 20 to 30 black bin bags whereas the 3 yard Mini skip can host the 30 to 40 black bin bags. 

The average price range for a 2 yard skip is between £126–£271, and the average price range for a 3 yard skip is between £158–£271. With their small dimensions and ability to dispose of small volumes of waste, these skips have become the first choice of domestic customers in the Derby region.

Mini Skip Hire Derby


Mini skips don’t require any permit as these skips are adjustable in small spaces. A license only needs when you want to fix the skip in private land or on the roadside that you can acquire from the local government.


You cannot put some prohibited items into the mini skips, including glue, tyres, fluorescent bulbs, medical waste, plaster-boards, chemicals, asbestos, TV, electrical appliances, hazardous materials, paint, solvents, explosives, batteries, lightings, gas cylinders, oils, and laptops, etc. If you don’t obey these constraints, we will charge fines. 


Domestic customers mostly use midi Skips. The Midi skips are more commonly used than the Mini skips. The factor which makes them more convenient is their size and waste hosting capability. The Midi skips are suitable for household waste, garden waste or office waste. 

These skips are slightly more significant than the Mini skips, the Midi skips offering a 4 yard Midi Skip and a 5 yard Midi skip. The 4 yard Midi skip can host 40 to 50 black bin bags whereas a 5 yard Midi skip can host 50 to 60 black bin bags in it. The Midi skips have the versatility in sizes, which makes them an attractive choice for home and industrial clients. 

The prices range which we are offering in Derby is unbeatable. We are presenting the prices range for 4 yard Midi skips is between £176–£214 and the price range for the 5 yard Midi skips is between £210–£240.

Midi Skip Hire Derby


If you don’t have enough space to fix your midi skip inside your premises or on the drive-thru, you will have to acquire a permit from local authorities. It will cost you as an extra, and we can get a license on your behalf.


Some prohibited items that you can’t throw into the midi skips are; batteries, explosives, asbestos, laptops, electrical appliances, oils, gas cylinders, TV, hazardous materials, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, paint, glue, medical waste, plaster-boards, and tyres, etc. If you violate these instructions, we’ve got a right to charge fines from you.


The builder skips are the large skips and very common among the builders and contractors in Derby. The builder skips are suitable with both the domestic and commercial customers. We have launched the 6 yard, and 8 yard builder skips in the Derby area. 

These skips are best with building waste, construction waste and sizable domestic waste. The builder skips are good with industrial cleanouts, but you can use it for the domestic clearouts, like garden and office cleanups. The capacity to host black bags in a 6 yard builder skip is 60 to 70, and the ability to host black bags in an 8 yard builder skip is 80 to 90. 

At Skip hire derby we are giving the builder skips at an affordable price range with reasonable discounts. The price range for a 6 yard builder skip is from £229 to £270, and the price range for an 8 yard builder skip is from £211 to £280.

Builder Skip Hire Derby


The builder skips mostly require a permit for its placement due to its large size. The permit fee charged by the local government and you will surely get a license on your own or seek our assistance in that case. 


You must follow our instructions while putting your rubbish into the builder skips. These prohibited items include; gas cylinders, glues, tyres, TV, hazardous materials, laptops, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, medical waste, plaster-boards, paint, asbestos, oils, electrical appliances, batteries, and explosives, etc are not allowed to be thrown. 


The Maxi Skips are the most versatile skips because they are suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial customers. The maxi skips’ dimensions allow the customers to host the large volume of waste in it. 

The Maxi skips we have in distinct sizes to satisfy the customer’s terms. These skips include a 10 yard Maxi skip with 12 yard Maxi skip, the series continues with 14 yard Maxi skip and 16 yard Maxi skip and ends with 18 yard Maxi skip. 

The prices range for the 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 yard Maxi skips are £258 – £363,£277 – £367, £303 – £450, £316 – £525, and £1045 respectively. The black bag capacity for a 10 yard maxi skip is 100-110, 12 yard maxi skip is 120-130, 14 yard maxi skip is 140-150, 16 yard maxi skip is 170-180 and 18 yard maxi skip is 190-200.

Maxi Skip Hire Derby


The maxi skips are the second-largest skip dimensions, and they require considerable space for installation. So, you will have to acquire a permit if you want to place the skip in private land or on the roadside. We can take your headache of permit acquisition.


These are some items such as electrical appliances, solvents, paints, glue, medical waste, asbestos, laptops, TV, fluorescent bulbs, lighting, batteries, explosives, oils, tyres, chemicals, gas cylinders, hazardous materials, and plaster-boards, etc. do not have permission to be thrown. If you threw, you would pay a fine.


The Roro skips are the largest skips we offer at skip hire Derby. These skips are remarkably huge skips model for the tasks that other skips can’t control. The Roro skips are familiar with domestic and commercial customers. 

These enormously colossal skips are available in four distinct dimensions; 20 yard, 25 yard, 30 yard along 40 yard roro skips. With their immense size and massive capacity, the maxi skips are the perfect choice for construction and industrial waste at large scale. 

They are good with handling heavy and bulky materials, and the ability to host heavy materials makes them a preferred waste removal solution at construction sites. The black bag capacity for a 20 yard roro skip is  220 – 230, 25 yard roro skip is 270 – 280, 30 yard roro skip is 300 – 310, and 40 yard roro skip is 440 – 450.

RORO Skip Hire Derby


RORO skips are the most extensive skip sizes, and undoubtedly, require legal permits for their placements in the public property.  Skip Hire Derby can help you get a license from your local government; you also need to pay a permit fee with the skip hire prices.


Here is a detail of prohibited items that you can’t throw into the RORO skips. These restricted items include; paints, solvents, gas cylinders, asbestos, medical waste, plaster-boards, electrical materials, TV, laptops, hazardous materials, fluorescent bulbs, fridges, refrigerators, oils, lighting, explosives, and glue, etc. 

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